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F.lli Baruzzi builds cast iron manually-operated sluice gates and flaps.
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F.lli Baruzzi builds manually-operated sluice gates and flaps in stainless steel and carbon steel..
Manually operated sluice gates
Clapet valves
F.lli Baruzzi produces joints according to customer specifications (up to PN64), even with hot-dipped surface galvanization compliant with UNI EN ISO 1461.

Internal painting: two coats of bicomponent epoxy paint.
External painting: Temporary transparent protective paint.
Engine-driven hydraulic actuator to operate sluice gates and slides.
Indispensable for all those organizations and companies operating sluice gates, slides or trash rack cleaning machines scattered over a vast territory where electrical connection of the various users would be very costly. To remain operative in time, electric actuators must be constantly powered and this makes temporary connection, only when a gate needs to be moved, inconceivable.

Construction features
Weight Kg 25. - Hydraulic control unit with local hydraulic manifold. - Connection hoses protected with heavy-duty sheath. Adapters available to fit various users (designed according to customer specifications). - Control valve calibrated for the sluice gate or slide gate torque requirement. - No movable parts and easy, one-man operation. All commercial materials are high quality and our 30 years of experience in the field enables us to provide products that are both safe and reliable in time.
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